We have a rich history of teaching swimming in South Liverpool

Currently, we hold our sessions at Austin Rawlinson Leisure Centre as the Woolton pool still needs repairs to be carried out.

Woolton Baths was built in 1892 it was financed by a local villager for the community of the village. It was opened in 1893 and the local villagers applied to institute a swimming club. This was turned down by the management committee who later relented and allowed one polo game per week to take place. Woolton Swimming Club applied to join the Amateur Swimming Association (now Swim England) in 1895, which makes it one of the oldest swimming clubs in England.

In the early days the pool did not have a filtration system, it was filled on a Sunday with fresh water which became rather cloudy by Friday so the entrance fee was two pence on Monday then reduced through the week until Friday when it cost only one half of a penny to swim. Saturday it was flushed away ready for clean water for the following week.

The Woolton pool has had its share of celebrities use it; John Lennon, Paul McCartney Jimmy Tarbuck and the Quarrymen.

Woolton Swimming Club has produced many swimming champions over the years. Starting at Liverpool and District level with some achieving National standard and becoming champions of Great Britain.

Sarah Westwood - who held five British records swimming in the Masters Age Group - joined the club as a 5 year old and was a member into her twenties when she settled in Oxford.

Sarah Westwood With her medal from the British Championships

Image: Sarah Westwood showing off her gold medal at the 2013 British Masters Swimming Championships.

Steven Parry swam in the Athens Olympic Games and although he developed most of his swimming prowess in America, he still has a link to Woolton as it was were he learned to swim.

Steven Parry showing his Olympic medal outside of Woolton Baths

Image: Steven Parry with his Olympic Bronze medal from the 2004 Athens Olympics standing outside Woolton Baths, showing his support for the Save Woolton Pool campaign.

Curtis Robb was a club member who pursued a sporting career in athletics and ran for Great Britain in the 800 metres event in Barcelona. He is now a specialist at a Birmingham hospital.

Today, we have contributed to the success of Emily Pyper, who represents Great Britain at water polo for women under 17 years of age.

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