New Group Structure

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a new group structure in the club based on Swim England’s framework and progression pathway

Since January, we have been assessing all swimmers against a new criteria for groups (criteria outlined below) and placed swimmers in the group that best matches their current ability.

As of next week your child will be moving into a group which is more tailored towards their individual needs and skill to help them progress faster. We will be closely monitoring the progress of swimmers and will move them on to the next group once all awards and criteria have been completed.

The new groups will have the following overall aims (these aren’t detailed, but provide the main aims you will be able to see from the group) and awards that can be achieved:




1 - First group in small pool

  • To build confidence in the water
  • To introduce basic aquatic movement skills
  • To introduce water safety and pool rules
  • To introduce basic push and glide skills
  • Ducklings 1 - 4
  • Learn to Swim Stage 1

2 - Middle group in small pool

  • To continue to build confidence in the water with submerging and floating
  • To build a basic front crawl technique
  • To build a basic back crawl technique
  • To introduce breaststroke leg action
  • Water Skills 1 - 2
  • Learn to Swim Stage 2

3 - Third group in the small pool

  • To improve front crawl technique
  • To improve back crawl technique
  • To improve breaststroke leg kick
  • To introduce butterfly leg kick
  • Water Skills 3
  • Learn to Swim Stages
    3 - 4

4 - Lane 1 and 6

  • To continue to improve front crawl and back crawl technique
  • To introduce and build good breaststroke technique
  • To introduce and build butterfly technique
  • To introduce more aquatic skills like sculling
  • Water Skills 4
  • Learn to Swim Stage 5

5 - Lane 2

  • To consolidate technique on all strokes
  • To introduce turns on all strokes
  • To build stamina
  • Water Skills 5 - 6
  • Learn to Swim Stage 6

6 - Lane 3

  • To introduce competitive starts on all strokes
  • To introduce race finishes on all strokes
  • Learn to Swim Stage 7
  • Preliminary Competitive Start Award

7 - Lane 4

  • Focuses on competitive swimming by continuing to improve starts, turns, finishes and fitness
  • Learn to Swim Stage 8, 9, 10
  • Competitive Start

8 - Lane 5

  • To improve fitness and stroke technique for older swimmers
  • Introduce swimmers to other aquatic disciplines such as Life Saving and Water Polo
  • Stroke awards
  • Speed awards
  • Survival Awards
  • Life Saving Awards

We ask for your patience while we roll out this new structure and are confident it will help provide a much better platform for swimmers to progress going forward.